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Diving club "White Seal"

The White Seal diving club was created in St. Petersburg in 1996. During this time, the club has come a long way and today it has become one of the most equipped and famous dive centers in St. Petersburg. The White Seal Club is training in diving (scuba diving), communication, exchange of experiences and impressions, preparation for new travels and just a good rest in your free time.
Address: Ligovsky Ave., 111
Telephone: +7 (812) 320-89-80 (multi-channel), +7 (911) 914-79-88
Within the walls of the White Seal club, thousands of divers have been trained and certified, hundreds of expeditions and trips have been organized to almost all corners of the world. There are regular trips to the Baltic and White Seas, the Neva, Ladoga and the picturesque lakes of the Leningrad region.
Members of the White Seal Club can:
visit the VIFK (SKA) pool several times a week - one of the best deep pools in St. Petersburg;
participate in local and long-distance trips organized by the club;
improve your skills and exchange experience, increase safety and expand diving capabilities by taking special courses;
use rental underwater and tourist equipment for local trips and long-distance expeditions.
In 2008, the White Seal diving club became part of the RuDIVE group of companies.

You can become a member of the St. Petersburg dive club WHITE SEAL.
The club is a voluntary informal association of divers, freedivers, their families and friends!

The main objectives of the White Seal club are to popularize diving and improve the safety of dives made by club members, primarily in the waters of Russia.
Membership in the White Seal club means interesting communication, sharing experiences and impressions, preparing for new travels, and learning different types of equipment. Club members travel to the most interesting corners of our country and the world, take part in joint weekend trips to Karelia, the Baltic, Ladoga, Neva, lakes of the Leningrad region, study sunken objects, engage in spearfishing and relax in nature.
The club cooperates with military history museums and conducts underwater search operations.
A candidate for club membership can be a certified diver who has been recommended by one of the club members or training instructors.

A club member is an experienced, certified diver who regularly takes part in club trips. A club member is friendly to other club members and students, and is always ready to help them with advice and deeds.

Any member of the White Seal club can initiate a club trip. The organizer of a club trip can be a club member with at least a PADI or CMAS** Rescue Diver qualification. The level of training of all dive participants must correspond to the conditions of the planned dive.

Trips of club members to open water in the Leningrad region with the participation of divers with qualifications below АOWD PADI (or similar), as well as third parties with a level of training below Rescue Diver PADI (CMAS**) are carried out with the mandatory involvement of an instructor in accordance with the club Rules for conducting training dives on open water.
In the case of diving in special (under-ice, night and other) conditions, all participants must have confirmed qualifications (be trained and receive the appropriate certificate).
The Club does not bear any responsibility for trips during the organization and/or conduct of which these regulations are not observed.

Club WHITE SEAL provides:

club meeting rooms;
the opportunity to participate in club trips and expeditions;
assistance and advice on all issues related to scuba diving;
free repair of equipment (in cases where the purchase of spare parts or settlements with third parties is not required);
the opportunity to purchase underwater equipment at a discount in the Open Sea store;
the opportunity to test equipment in the pool before purchasing (by prior arrangement);
book and magazine library in the club premises;
film library in the club premises;
the opportunity to swim in the pool and dive in the pool according to the club membership;
possibility of using club equipment in the pool;
charging personal air cylinders in the club;
the possibility of obtaining underwater equipment without a deposit for rent, in accordance with the club Rules for renting underwater equipment;
the ability to store marked personal underwater equipment in the club’s storerooms (by handing over/receiving it personally in the presence of a responsible club employee);
the opportunity to bring your children aged 4 to 11 years with you to the club for free;
possibility of a free trial dive in the pool with an instructor for friends of the club member.

Do you want to ask a question to the WHITE SEAL club?
Call: +7 (911) 914-79-88
+7 (812) 571-51-78, 320-89-80
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+7 (812) 320-89-80 (multi-channel), +7 (911) 914-79-88
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